Physical Education

Here at Mullaghbuoy N.S. each class receives at least one hour of P.E. every week. Our P.E. classes are made up of the six strands of the P.E. curriculum and throughout the year we take part in:

  • Athletics

  • Gymnastics

  • Dance

  • Outdoor and adventure activities

  • Aquatics

  • Games

We have access to the community centre next door  that is suited to indoor activities in poorer weather. We are lucky to have a fantastic football pitch and a good deal of yard space. We think P.E. is a very important subject and we follow a school P.E. plan & policy. Our school P.E. plan ensures that we are teaching the various strands each year.

School Plan for P.E.

Further information on the P.E.  Primary School Curriculum can be found here